Ultimate Cultivation Asset

UC Asset invests in properties for the cultivation of medical plants. Medical cultivation property has become one of the highest yielding investments of real estates, of which it is no uncommon to produce a ROE (Return on Equity) almost twice the average than other commercial and industrial properties .
As the market demand for medical plants growing, we believe that this decade (2020s) presents the best time window for investors.  UC Asset commits itself to build an ultimate portfolio of high-yielding medical plant cultivation properties.

Balancing Profitability and Sustainability

Overall, the demands for medical plants are steadily growing. However, volatility exist for medical plant cultivation as in any other agriculture business. A common mistake regarding medical plant assets is over-investment when investors focus heavily on short-term profit, which will result in vast vacancy of cultivation properties.
We adopt a long-term strategy by investing in geographic areas that have long-term competitiveness. We are building a portfolio that is profitable in near term, and will be even more promising in the future, particularly in a nation-wide integrated market.

Other investments

Besides cultivation properties, we also invest in airbnb properties and historic landmarks.  Learn more....

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