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Controlled Agriculture Properties

Green Houses for Medical Plants

Investing in facilities to grow legalized medical plants has become a lucrative business model in the past decade. UC Asset was one of the earlier pioneers in this niche. It currently holds equity in a 15,000 sq ft of state-of-art cannabis property in Edmond, OK, and is expecting to invest in building a $10 million complex to grow legalized medical plants.

Airbnb-based SHOC Properties

Shared Home-Office Cluster

SHOC, standing for “Shared Home-Office Cluster”, focuses on home office technology for traveling professionals. SHOC aims to capitalize on a new industrial trend, i.e., the switch of business travelers from conventional business hotel to shared accommodation via platforms such as Airbnb and Vrbo.

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Historic Landmarks

Historic value as extra to commercial vaule

Historic landmarks have intangible value rooted in their historical and cultural backgrounds, which may be monetized to create extra income besides its commercial value. For example, The Empire State Building generates the same amount of revenue from its tourism as from its rental revenue as an office building.

In 2021, we acquired the Rufus Rose House, a 120-year old Victorian mason sitting in the heart of downtown Atlanta. We are renovating the property into a dual role building similar to the Empire State Building, to become a state-of-the-art office building as well as a landmark attraction. (Click here for pictures of renovation progress)